Choose the best colour combination for your restaurant menu card! The best colour palettes for high customer engagement.

Choose the best colour combination for your restaurant menu card! The best colour palettes for high customer engagement.

Playing with colours is often challenging to most of the designers and as the phrase goes “ The colour can make or even break a design”l and the most powerful tool in a designer arsenal is the colour. Also the colours the designers use for designing the menu card have a huge impact on your customer’s decisions and engagement, how long they spend reading the menu card and how they feel.

In what ways the colours make an impact

The colours you choose for the restaurant ambience and even it applies to the restaurant’s menu cards have a huge impact and it can make the customer happy, boost their appetite which ends up in getting the product, it may increase table turnover rate also on another side they can also have a negative impact over the customers so it’s important to understand how your restaurant menu card affect your customers and they turn up not buying.

MenuMa Print- shares the psychology of colours.

Our experienced team of MenuMa Print designers with a vast experience in the field of designing shares some of the cues over the psychology of colours and how the restaurant owners can turn them into a pleasing and visually appealing menu card design, most importantly designing the menus that are visually appetizing. In a world of millions of designs, colour is the best way for the brands to be unique and distinct. Colours play a huge role in helping the people to recognize the brand so quick!.

For the amateur graphic designers, this article will walk through some of the basics of colours choices for the menu card design.

• Strategies involved in choosing the colours for the menu card design.

• How to find the colour code and how do you apply them.

• Play with colours; colour pairing.

The beginners should understand there is no such hard and fast rule on colour theory, though none of the colour theory and rules is carved in the stone. Some of the restaurant’s brands go with the dark shades of colours to represent their brand and on other hand, some might prefer to go with milder tones. The colours help the right people to find you, so make sure to evoke the right feeling of brand reminder through colour psychology.

Well! Let us see the Strategies for choosing the colours for the menu card designs.

Think of colours as a spice for the restaurant menu design

Let’s think of colours as a spice to your restaurant’s menus. Going with strong and bright colours would definitely fetch the customer’s attention. Well! On another hand, it might not be. So for the amateurs who are new to using colours, one of the best approaches would be going with the black and white with one accent bold colours that pop out of the crowd.

Usage of primary and secondary colours.

The designers can go with the choice of two if one colour doesn’t seem sufficient, they can go with the choice of another colour. The trick is to choose any of the colours as” a primary colour” and others as secondary which can be used less often in the design. In this way the primary and the secondary colour compliments with each other rather than compete with one another.

Being consistent with the colours you choose.

Start picking up a colour and a complimenting colour that goes well with the chosen primary colour and being consistent with those 2 colours chosen throughout the design of the restaurant’s menu card. Else there is nothing wrong in choosing just black and white alone

Play with colours; colour pairing.

To sum up, these are the three major strategies to be considered while designing the menu cards. For the maximum readability, it’s good to have the background light and highlighting the texts with a darker tone and accents. And if the designer has got a colour in mind that goes well for the particular brand, next is to identify the right complement colour and the colour code that matches. To even go further with the colours, the next is to match the chosen colour with the photograph/image.

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