Teardrop Banner

Starts from : £ 30

SizeSmall(70 x 180 cm), Large(100 x 250 cm)


Standard Flag Material (110gsm Polyester Fabric),

Air Mesh Material (120gsm Polyester Fabric).


Teardrop banners/teardrop flags by Menuma print:

Menuma print also specializes in teardrop banners/teardrop flags & beach flags. Menuma print custom made teardrop flags are highly portable and can be taken anywhere and it is supplied with the carry bags for easy movement from one place to other.

The restaurants can plan ahead for effective marketing campaigns with the help of teardrop flags. These teardrop banners can be customized based on customer preferences which are highly durable and lightweight.

Improve your restaurant brand image with the help of custom teardrop flags:

The teardrop banners are an effective marketing element that grabs the quick attention of your prospective customers. Just display the custom made display flag outside of your restaurant highlighting your sale & offers.