QR Code for Your Restaurant Menus - How to Create One?

The need for QR code menus!

The restaurants are now using QR code for contactless payments and probably many restaurants had implemented the same after the post pandemic and even during the times of Pandemic that existed worldwide and many have started to impose the QR codes in the menus too. The emergence of no touch restaurant menus had led to the emergence of restaurant QR code menus and it is widespread amongst restaurants and the bar industry.

And in the rise of COVID cases and considering safety and hygienic precautions many restaurant industries have opted for QR code and now many restaurants and bars had slowly resumed their operations and still we could see the takeaway culture and social distancing prevails.

Many restaurants and bars are slowly practising the culture of Menu QR code that controls the spread of virus amongst the customers that goes around the multiple hands for menu reading.

A Digital menu QR code!

A QR code is an online menu that diners can scan with their smartphones to access a digital version of the menu when scanned. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants should use contactless menus and ordering systems to communicate and conduct business with guests and employees safely.

The importance of the touchless menu!

Restaurant customers have always been concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. As a factor in deciding where to eat, it even surpasses customer service. With COVID-19 responsible for some of the largest losses in any industry, it's now crucial to demonstrate to your customers that you're doing everything you can to protect their health. A seamless QR menu provides diners with a seamless dining experience while also showing that you take hygiene seriously.

Customers can view your menu directly on their smartphones or other personal devices with a touchless menu. Contactless QR menus, on the other hand, are accessed by scanning a code instead of entering a URL. With most smartphones having a built-in camera app, your customers will be able to view your menu almost instantly.

So,what is QR code?

A QR code is a type of barcode that stores information like websites, phone numbers, and emails and even it can store the restaurant menus and can be scanned by a smartphone. The service allows users to visit a website, call a business, or send an email without having to manually enter letters and numbers.

The importance of QR code after the post pandemic!

Businesses adapting to the CDC guidelines for restaurants during the pandemic need a new solution to paper and plastic menus. Menus with QR codes are a safer and more cost-effective alternative to either disposable or laminated menus. The cost and time involved in reprinting disposable menus when dishes change or when stock runs low can be considerable.

One of the advantages of QR Code Menus is that they offer a personalized dining experience directly at the dinner table. Although digital menus are common in quick service restaurants (QSRs), in fast casual and casual restaurants, customers will have to stand up and walk to see them, which puts them at more risk.

How to create a QR code menu for your restaurant ?

You should make your menu available online

You have to make your menu available online for a customer to view it online. Probably you're already set up if you have online ordering enabled or a menu on your website. In the absence of one, there are many design templates that you can use to create an attractive menu page quickly. There are some QR code generators available that even allow you to publish your restaurant menu via the internet.

What is the mobile compatibility of your menu?

You'll want to ensure that the menu is easy to read on a mobile device since your customers will be viewing it on their phones. If you have a lot of food items listed on a single page, your guests will have a hard time scrolling through all their options. It would be better to break out the food items by course.

Do you have prices listed on your menu?

In this case, you don't offer online ordering, and instead use your menu to showcase what you have to offer, rather than what it costs.

Use a QR code generator to generate a menu QR for your restaurant!

Thanks to the many free QR code generators available online, it's easier than you think to create a touchless menu. The program will save an image of a QR code containing a link to your menu as soon as you enter the URL.Also, some programs allow you to add a logo or change the color and pattern of the QR code..

Great free QR code generators include:

● QR-Code Monkey. A popular solution that offers an easy-to-use interface with design features.

● QR Menu Creator. You can easily create QR codes and menus for free so you don't have to worry about adding an online menu to your website.

● QRTiger. This QR code generator Includes advanced design options that let you ensure your QR code matches the look of your restaurant business.

You can share your QR Code with customers for them to scan

Restaurant menus can only create a seamless experience if they're easy to see and use for your customers.

Displaying your QR code in the front of your restaurant!

In addition to being readily available at each table, your menu should also be prominently displayed elsewhere, such as at your restaurant entrance itself. Placing them prominently in your window, entryway, and host stand will make them stand out and also easily accessible to your customers. Also, the guests will be able to view your menu prior.

QR codes are best displayed on digital signage if you want a truly modern, contactless restaurant experience.

In the future, touchless menus will become the norm

As a result of COVID-19, restaurants are coming up with innovative ways to protect their customers and their businesses. We can expect that contactless menus will remain popular as long as your business takes your customers' needs seriously.

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