Things to be Included on Your Takeaway Leaflet - MenuMa Print

Things to be Included on Your Takeaway Leaflet - MenuMa Print

Takeout is a term used in restaurants. What does it mean?

Food that is ordered and prepared at a restaurant and then taken home or elsewhere for consumption. The term "take away" in restaurants, hotels, and food outlets simply refer to packing food for home consumption, rather than eating it in the establishment. Any outlet like this will ask you whether you would like to eat in or take the food home.

What is the purpose of a takeaway leaflet?


A leaflet is a small piece of the printed paper that conveys a short message clearly and concisely. Companies use leaflets to advertise their products and services. Additionally, they are often used to advertise new stores, special events, and special offers.

Takeaway leaflet design hacks!

How to design a resistible takeaway menu card?

To set yourself apart from competitors, you need a tantalizing menu regardless of the type of takeaway restaurant you own. It is also imperative to inform customers of all the delicious dishes you offer! Take a look at our blog on designing a perfect restaurant menu for restaurant menu design tips.

You need to keep your main goal in mind when designing your menu: to tempt customers to order. A few tips on how to design a menu that customers can't resist!

Present some scrumptious dishes

Visual advertising is known to be effective when it comes to food. According to this study based on consumers' behaviors and psychology, we have a strong desire to see beautiful images of takeout food, and at the sight of these images, there are dramatic changes in our brains. Make sure you have professional photos taken of your food to make it look as appealing as possible.

Ensure you have the right contact information

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to order from you - so be sure to include your contact information.

The font should be bold and contrasting with the background color to emphasize these details. A great idea is to include your opening hours and delivery information on your menu (e.g. minimum order spend, delivery radius).

In the example below, we particularly like the use of a map - it's another great way to let customers know where you are, making them more likely to place an order.


Segments the menus into categories! You can now take your navigation to the next level

A smart categorization system is another way to make it easier for customers to understand everything on your menu. An overabundance of text without order is off-putting and the last thing you want is to have items on your menu fighting for attention. Segmenting your menu into categories makes it easier to digest.

Discover a Fantastic Fold

You need to consider ease of use, appearance, and the right amount of space for all of the content in your takeaway menu when choosing what kind of leaflet you want. We recommend A3 folded flyers with roll folds. When you make your menu in A3, you get four pages to show off, and with the roll fold, you'll have plenty of space. Also, it folds into a handy 297 x 140mm size that can be kept in a drawer until the next time a client wants to order.

Color Scheme Considerations

The most tantalizing menus are those with high-quality color! Find out how to choose good colors for your menus.

If you are looking to find the right color scheme for your restaurant menu card, Take a look at our blog on choosing the best color combinations for your restaurant menu card.

The colors red, yellow, and orange

People are drawn to these warm and inviting colors because they make them feel hungry. In restaurants and takeaways offering hot and spicy meals such as Indian and Chinese food, they work great.


Healthy eating is associated with greens and earthy colors, such as brown. In addition to eco-friendly diets like veganism, these colors also make for delicious takeaway food.


Creating a sleek, sophisticated effect for your takeaway menu is easy with black. However, black on its own isn't very appealing for a food menu. Instead, opt for a really dark brown color or pair black with red to make your design more appealing.


Blue isn't a color commonly associated with food. There aren't that many blue foods in nature. Nonetheless, blue does have connotations of seafood, so it's a great choice for a takeaway menu featuring seafoods.

You will be able to design and print your takeaway menus more effectively and easily with these great tips and tricks. We at MenuMa Print, also recommend you to use one of our free templates, to put some of this advice to good use! As takeaway menus frequently change, you'll be able to save your designs to your account and print as many as you need as and when you need them!

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