The art of menu engineering! Learn from our in house design experts from menuma print.

The art of menu engineering! Learn from our in house design experts from menuma print.

Upgrade your restaurant’s with the menu engineering

People would love to sit in the restaurant for hours and indulge in the atmosphere and savour the mood. On other hand, the customers would spend about 109 seconds on the menu which would define their purchase decision and like over the cuisines. Sometimes it is the quickly glanced and an important sales tool to drive sales to the restaurant. On a short span of time the customers would take a very quick decision, in between, they glance the content of the Menu card, read the description of the menu card and check for the price before they make a decision.

Hence, to make the most out of the time the menu card needs to be more precise, short with the description.

The restaurants need to carefully update their menu cards often and constantly redefine the contents in the menu card and make sure everything is on the place. This technique would not only drive the sales but also reap the profits and there is a simple way to do and are you so curious to know what it is! It is nothing but menu engineering.

The importance of menu engineering

In fact, the concept of menu engineering application during the design of the menu cards would increase the profits by 10-15%.

Categorize the menus based on popularity and the profits it would fetch.

Four distinct menu categories should entice your customers and they end up buying it. And it’s not about categorizing the menus based on desserts, starters and main course it's more than that which is so-called menu engineering which talks more about categorizing the menus based on the popularity and the profits it would fetch. It can be split into four which includes stars, plough horses, puzzles and dogs.

Each of the above categories represents the different level of popularity and profitability based on the menu dishes in a particular restaurant.

The below quadrant depicts as follows.

Stars: It includes more profitable and popular dishes which can be included in this quadrant.

Plough horses: These quadrant dishes included that is so popular which yields low profits on sale.

Puzzles: These quadrant dishes includes the menus that are highly profitable but no much popular amongst customers.

Dogs: In this quadrant, it includes the dishes that are not very popular or either profitable.

In this above following quadrants, the dishes can be plotted by doing a cost or sale analysis and can be used to guide for menu engineering plan.

Below are some of the cues for strategically positioning the menus for the high sale value.

Stars: Here you want to draw the customers attention through the smart placement of the menu items which makes them stand out of the crowd.

Plough horses: These includes the menus that are more popular but gains low profits to the restaurant, where we can consider on making a more profitable version of these dishes.

Puzzles: While not being popular, yeti being profitable to consider turning the menus from puzzles to star quadrant. Once again, the smart placement of menus can help hugely.

Dogs: Here the restaurant’s can consider keeping up the menus but can limit the promotions to a major extent.

Restaurant Menu Cards

Limit the choices of the menu for better decision making with regards to customers

The restaurant main goal would be enticing the customers with more dishes and with a wide variety of choices. But the real problem is too many choices would really confuse the customers in buying and limiting the choices is always a better choice. It can actually hinder the decision making and end up not buying.

Placing high margin menus in the form of the Golden triangle.

The Golden Triangle is the area in the menu card where the customers first read through and have a quick go through. It is recommended to place the high margin items inside the golden triangle and it is called the psychology of the menu design.

Psychology behind!

The humans go through the middle first and the eyes typically move to the top right corner, and then finally to the top left.

Sparingly usage of the image in the menu card:

A photograph/image included in the menu can quickly increase the sale volume by up to 30%, the quality of the image is equally important. The poor quality image can create a negative impact on the minds of the customers.

Note: It is highly recommended to include high appetizing images and to avoid low-quality images.

These few of the most important cues will really help in placing the menus over the card and Menuma print designers are experts in menu engineering and helped many Restaurants to drive sale through this concept.

So what are you waiting for?

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