Frequently Asked Questions

1) When compared with other printing companies, the reason for charging low prices?

We are charging less cost for printed material because we invest in modern machinery and updated technology constantly. As we have enough resources, we are not outsourcing any prints. We print bulk orders in a big sheet of paper so that we divide the costs and provide discounts for the customers.


2) For printing, what shall I send to you?

In business printing, we have two choices.

1. If you have already created a design file, just want to have a print copy. We perform it.

2. If you want to develop a new design file, we make it for you. We have proficient graphical designers for artwork. They will perform your work efficaciously. Before placing the order, read and know about our full information.


3) What are the dissimilarities between Digital and litho?

There are many differences in the printing process of digital and litho. But the ultimate result will be amazing and printed in full color. Litho printing is of superior quality and profitable for a particular quantity, whereas digital printing is ideal for short term jobs. When letterhead is digitally printed, occasionally it cannot be replaced by litho print because of the heat method. I wish to print an existing file with some modifications to it. No worries. Please inform your contact number and communicate with our customer services. After looking at your file, our staff members will inform where the changes have to be made and charges. (Charges for modification start at £10.00).


4) Can I place many orders simultaneously?

Our computerized system may point to delivered orders. There will be a problem in finding out duplicate orders for our software. If you are placing many orders, you have to verify the printed material again.


5) Can I print 500 business cards, partially in two different names?(2x 250)

No. Your order will be printed on a big sheet with other similar orders. So, we accept a single file for one order.


6) When shall I transfer my prepared files that are to be print?

We provide design files after receiving full charges from you. Your pages are fully secured after upload.


7) Can I view my proof before printing it?

Yes. We follow the method of the proof check. Before printing, you can see the file and make the necessary changes in it. As per your desire, we print your file.


8) How soon can I receive my placed order?

We render three different execute timings on the basis of work. You can select on the basis of your performing need. Only design- takes 2 or 3 working days. Only print- takes 2 or 3 working days. Both design and print- takes 5 working days.


9) May I trace my order?

Yes. We deliver your printed matter to our couriers. They will email about the dispatch date, tracking number, and link. For further details, you can look at the courier website.


10) How can I make payment for my order?

Mostly we use online payment like credit or debit cards while ordering. Otherwise, they can make payment through cheque or bank transfer. For further details speak to our customer assistance team.


11) If I can’t identify my print, what shall I perform?

If you are not able to identify the product, then call our customer assistance team. They will support you.


12) Can I cancel, what I have ordered?

In our computerized system, we have thousands of orders and we effectively prepare many orders .we may not refund your amount and please confirm before your order is placed.


13) What procedure can I take, if I couldn’t receive my print delivery?

When dispatching the delivery, our courier will give you a calling card. You can contact that number for further steps and reorganize the delivery of your ordered print.