As per the customer, the requirement order is placed. Customers cannot cancel the order and refunds are not provided to them. Due to some circumstances, if the printed material is not as per the requirement refund is provided by us. A refund is given to the customer as per the terms and conditions of MenuMa Print.


We are promised to protect your private information and we have prepared this policy to handle the issues. Kindly, look and understand in what way the individual information is handled. Check the information periodically as it varies at regular intervals.

While you are submitting the details or any data regarding your personal information like name, addresses are compiled by us. The information may be received through a phone call, in the online form, or through cookies when you're viewing our website.

The information is stored in our system and it is used for creating and administering your personal data in customer relationship management. We have no intention to pass this information to third parties. Until it is needed by law or forced by a supervisory or government authority, due to this reason it has been done.

Cookies are used by us in order to recognize the registered customers. By using this option, Customers need not register their details repeatedly while viewing our site. We take preventive steps to safeguard your information.

Only the staff of our company are allowed to access your information. We agree that internet usage is not entirely safe. We will not be liable for the unapproved usage, sharing, or devastation of your individual data.