Threat of Coronavirus pandemic -2020 & A safe option- Disposable menus at the restaurants

Threat of Coronavirus pandemic -2020 & A safe option- Disposable menus at the restaurants

The corona pandemic affects the restaurant’s and the culture, habit of dining out with the family members are slowly getting reduced and a drastic change in the people behaviours in the way we live, work and eat. To survive in the pandemic my brick-and-mortar businesses and the restaurants are struggling to keep up their business abreast and ahead of their competitors more likely to keep the businesses afloat and running.

However with the growing fear of hygiene and safety, many take away and food truck restaurant’s are finding ways to analyse the eating pattern of the people. Whether the crowd would dine-in or they prefer to go for takeaway? And the readers are more curious about what trends will flourish further. Here is a look at some ways in which restaurants take a toll on the safety measures right from their menu cards design to the outdoor advertising.

The culture of eating out is slowly changing

One of the trends that we’re prevailing in restaurants were about social dining. where people share tables in restaurants with friends and family which attempted to create the bonds stronger. And the sad part is that in the tenure of the corona pandemic the social dining is slowly getting faded out and people are moving towards the takeaway culture. And this year 2020 would not be the decade of social dining which are nipped in the bud.

The Rise in take away culture in restaurants

While food truck and brick-and-mortar businesses were hurt even more before the pandemic hit, and the takeaway and the online food delivery was in full swing by the restaurants The millennials and the Generation Z food consumers were more likely towards the takeaway choices rather preferring to dine in with their friends and family members. On other side, people were showing more interest towards the home-cooked foods and showing huge interest in sharing the food recipes amongst the family members, neighbours, tips on cooking recipes also sharing the images of home-cooked food in social media channels. These were making a trend and buzz in the corona pandemic.

People were hygiene concern: Clean foodstuffs: Not the cheaper food

On other hand, the price-sensitive food consumers started to think wise and become more mindful of quality ingredients and foods to be served in hygienic conditions. During this uncertainty and the unprecedented crisis, it is so important to consider personal hygiene and it is also noted people behaviours is rapidly changing.

This pandemic has put the restaurants /coffee shops and bars in the limelight and the respective country government heads were enforcing on the safety standards and also mandating the restaurants/coffee shops and bars to go for disposable menus considering safety standards.

Disposable restaurant menu by MenuMa Print:

We MenuMa Print rightly understood the situation prevailing and after the study on the people culture -suggesting the restaurant owners go in for Disposable Menus and they are the safe option considering hygiene because they the disposable menus can be designed and printed with the MenuMa print in bulk and they can be recycled after each use by the customers ensuring there is no point of contact between the customers.

Create a disposable menu with ease at MenuMa Print

At MenuMa Print, we design and print disposable menus at very low and competitive prices as the disposable restaurant menus have become the need of the hour at this pandemic crisis. MenuMa Print has got in-house graphic designers who are experts in designing the disposable menus for one time use where the restaurants can design their menus on a sheet of high-quality paper. Having your restaurant menus precise not only saves the perks of printing costs on another hand it has got many fringe benefits to the business.

Maximize the benefit with the disposable menus

• Design your reusable menus for one-time use.

• The restaurants can offer a limited menu.

• Can distribute the menus for those who really need.

• It limits the interactions.

• You can design and print what you really need.

• Can be a good marketing tool for a short period of time which entice customers for dine-in/take away.

The term disposable menus never mean they reciprocate the poor quality material is been used. At MenuMa Print the disposable menu cards are designed with the creative elements, with good resolution of images and bold fonts which comes in a lightweight paper which is also cost-effective for the restaurant’s owners. Many restaurants are trimming their marketing budgets and expenses because of this pandemic and this disposable menu card design and printing services by MenuMa Print would be a real saviour for the restaurant’s owners. The disposable menus can be offered at high numbers than traditional card stock menu cards so that you can.

MenuMa Print experts and design heads

For a decade,MenuMa Print has helped many restaurants, food truck owners, coffee shops & bars to meet their restaurant’s menu design, marketing and other printing needs. Over the years with leaps of experience in the design field who understands the upbeats of the restaurant business with the customer taste and preferences. We also assure speed deliver of the marketing collaterals with no compromise in quality and design. We firmly believe the customers are our king, if you guys are not happy, neither are we.

So we make a huge shout to the restaurant owners to go with the trend of disposable menus above all considering the hygiene. MenuMa Print will gladly help you in designing the marketing collaterals activities and revamping/redesigning your restaurant’s menu cards, restaurant’s business cards, roller banners, business leaflets, takeaway menus, flyers and Poster DesignBooklet Printing, Brochure Printing.

We are also known for designing and printing restaurant menus laminated menus, plastic card printers, DL print and synthetic prints. We have also got an in-house team of experts who are experts in designing A3 Flyer, A5 Flyer, A6 Flyer, A4 Folded Flyer, B4 and A4+. We swear the restaurant owners that above all marketing collaterals can be designed and delivered in a short span of time at a highly competitive price. For any further enquiries and assistance, we would gladly help you with our quick assistance and support. Do drop in your queries to or get in touch with us via 020 80171342.

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