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The Most Popular Takeaway Food in UK | Blog | MenuMa Print

What is the UK’s favorite Takeaway food?

One of the most typical British foods is fish 'n' chips, chosen as their favorite takeaway by 16% of Brits. Since the 1860s, it's been immensely popular with the British public - whether they live near the sea or not.

Number 1- Takeaway food is Chicken was number one takeaway food!

Number 2-Pizza

Number 3-Pad Thai

Number 4-Curry

Number 5-Sushi

Number 6-Kebabs

Number 7-Pasta

Number 8-Tacos.


Which takeaway is most popular in lockdown?

Chinese food was the most popular takeaway ordered during the lockdown, followed by pizza and the classic English dish - fish & chips.

According to new YouGov research, Chinese takeaways are the most popular across nearly all of Britain.

It was reported in December by YouGov that the COVID-19 pandemic had changed Britons' takeaway habits, resulting in consumers ordering more frequently during lockdown than they did during the previous lockdown. What is the favorite takeaway among Britons, according to YouGov?

On average, one in four Brits (25%) pick Chinese food as their favorite takeaway, while 17% prefer Indian, and another 16% prefer fish and chips.

Over one in eight people (12%) would choose pizza as their preferred takeaway food, followed by Thai food (3%), kebabs (3%), chicken (2%), and burgers (2%). A significant proportion of the population (13%) does not consume takeaways either.

Also revealed in the survey is the difference between young and old Britons' takeaway preferences. In fact, the younger Britons are, the more likely they are to say pizza is their favorite takeaway - 23% of 18-24-year-olds say it, compared to just 2% of over 65-year-olds. By contrast, only 6% of these young adults would choose fish and chips as their favorite takeaway, compared to 28% of the over-65s.

Among 25-49-year-olds (29%) and 50-64-year-olds (26%), Chinese proves to be the most popular choice.

It is also the most popular takeaway food in most parts of Britain, except for Scotland, where Scots prefer Chinese food over Indian food by a margin of 24% to 25%.

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