Let’s Rethink and revamping the restaurant’s concepts with regards to menus and design!

Let’s Rethink and revamping the restaurant’s concepts with regards to menus and design!

Rethinking of brand experience beyond the restaurant space and ambience. Let us face the challenge of new normal the era of restaurant safety. As the pandemic hits harder the restaurant’s business owners are finding ways to strive harder in this uncertainty and this prevail exists even after the new normal. Hence the restaurants rush harder in finding the ways to determine the best practices for re-opening their outlets and few new buzzes are emerging like laminated menu cards, disposable menu cards to stop the spread of the infectious germs.

Governments are taking enough stringent measures over the spread of the pandemic and the restaurants are rethinking for the new dining experience to their customers. When it comes to menus people handle it so often where strict health and cleaning policies are to be taken for being less infectious.

What is the next go-to-solution for the restaurants against safety?

Laminated menu cards and disposable menu cards are the next go-to-solution for the restaurants to reduce the spread of germs. Menu card can be easily prone to germs and infections that could be spread amongst the customers and the restaurant staff owners when being handed around to tables and during a social gathering. So it is to be noticed highly as the infection exposed menu cards can potentially the base of spreading to hundreds of people.

For easy sanitization:

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant’s staff employ in cleaning the menu cards only once a day or even when the menu cards look dirty or so. Now the scenario for the restaurant’s is imperative that the menu cards needs to be sanitized or disposed of between every customer. Many restaurants/cafe shops/food trucks are turning to disposable or laminated menu card design for easy sanitization.

Laminated menu and disposable menu design by MenuMa Print.

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As we all are aware that the Laminated Menu lasts longer because they are easy to sanitize and clean. Nowadays the must-have menus by the restaurants now find laminated menu cards and disposable menu cards as the choice for showcasing their menus as it could be easily sanitized and cleaned.


It is the perfect easy-to-clean product with soap / water, wet wipes and with the sanitizers. MenuMa Print is the creative marketplace for the restaurant’s design, printing and marketing needs. The one-stop design agency where you get served for what you need.

We personally feel the menus could be the most un-hygiene part of the dining room. Restaurant’s seeking to re-open their dining prioritize safety measures for their beloved patrons. There are chances the restaurants could gain a negative word of mouth which in turns pulls down the brand’s reputation and brand image.

Hence the safest option for the restaurant is to rethink on this affair and come out with the best plan that enhances safety in the dining room. Disposable and laminated menu cards are the single-use cards and can be printed in bulk by our inhouse design experts by MenuMa Print and can be recycled after every use.

Also, the disposable menu cards have got better visual appeal to the conventional menu’s. It can be printed in bulk and can be placed at the entry or at the counter of each customer. After the use, it can be thrown to the bin or can be recycled.

How can we help?

To your kind notice the millennials dine out very less in only 42%of the time and they prefer to take away culture over the dining in the restaurants majorly. It's the real threat to the business owners to come up with an immediate solution and the menu are the place where the bacteria counts as high as 1,85,000 per square centimetre.

To combat this issue menu print smartly helps the restaurants to design their disposable menus with ease. As known menu design is hugely important for your restaurant’s identity. Just as the creative agencies focus on menu engineering they need to really take care of the menu design process as well.

At MenuMa Print we have thousands of designs piled up where you can select from the varied choice of options to improve your restaurant’s menu. We also ensure that your brand looks great and complement well and to look great on the high-quality paper with a brilliant combination of colours and fonts. The benefits of printing at MenuMa Print is huge where the restaurant owners can save money and involve in cost-cutting when the disposable menus or laminated menus are printed in bulk with unique creative designs by creative veterans. Click here to Contact Us or give us a call to 020 80171342 or drop your enquires to

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